Can’t believe I’ve been so busy with college that I haven’t posted for 4 months?! o_O

… Although I’m still pretty busy I’m going to try and post a few things from time to time :D It won’t be things like my old drawings but I’ll be posting drawings and others of a similar kind ^^ 

Well right now I’m working on a Jewellery Collection Project and these are my chosen Final Designs! <3 From my choice of theme ‘Marine Life’ We had to choose 3 pieces to become our Collection and mine is based upon starfishes therefore the name of mine is… The ‘Starlight’ Collection! ~

My USB buddy ^^ (Taken with Instagram)

Only just realized now that I haven’t posted something in two weeks! o_O 

College started and there’s not much time to free draw but here’s some old sketches to amuse you’s ^^

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Decided to get an account too ~

Here’s mine -!7431 

It’s still a bit confusing to use but tell me if you’s have an account there so I know who you’s are ^^

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Lack of drawings but I’ve been kinda productive ^^

Making bead-woven bracelets to sell ~

My cute little chibi Ren from ‘Skip Beat!’ ^^

Pokemon Gijinka

Lining my human chibi form of Victini ~

umm… haven’t really spent much time drawing so here, you’s can take a look at what I had for my dinner last weekend XD

Went to a restaurant called Ichiban, a japanese noodle & sushi cafe. I had this vegetable ramen, it has a proper name but I don’t know what it is~ and my mum had seafood wok fry. Sooo nice~ but the bowl was so big I couldn’t eat it all TT___TT

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Weeeelll put it off so long, ended up forcing myself to finsih it tonight XP